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for Taking Homeopathic Remedies

  1. Do not use the following products while using homeopathic remedies:

    a. Any type of MINT (spearmint, peppermint, and wintergreen) or MENTHOL. (Mint and menthol can be found in toothpaste, mouthwash, tea, and chewing gum.) You should avoid chewing gum, as most gum has mint. Sometimes mint is not specifically mentioned in the ingredients, and is covered by "flavorings". Mint-free toothpaste is available at your health food store.

    b. COFFEE or decaffeinated coffee. (Instead, you may drink black teas, green teas and fruit teas.)

  2. Store the remedies in a dark, cool place (not the fridge), away from strong-smelling perfumes, cosmetics, foods, and detergents. Do not carry the remedy in your handbag with cosmetics and perfumes. A dresser drawer with clean clothes is a good place to store the remedies.

  3. Do not touch the remedy with your fingers! Throw away any remedy that has been contaminated.

  4. Do not eat, drink, or brush your teeth 20 minutes before and after you take the remedy. The remedy must be taken in a clean mouth.

  5. Pour the remedy into your mouth under your tongue and let it dissolve slowly.


European Peony (Paeonia officinalis)

Dear Sonja,

   I would like to thank you and let you know how you have changed my life. Many, many years ago I came to you with severe migraines; something a number of specialists could not help me with throughout the years. With your expertise I am now 99% free of migraines, the one percent is when my allergies kick in and will cause one. Without your help I would be getting many more, you have also helped with my allergies, and so many other problems that it would take a book to list all of them.
You are the best of the best, with your warm personality I feel like I am family, this makes you very special. Homeopathy is the only way to get better and be well, doctors only put a band aid on symptoms, but you have healing powers.
Thank you is not enough; I will always feel like you have saved my life.

Love, Donna,
Chandler, Arizona

Disclaimer: Results vary from one person to another.

Rhododendron (Rhododendron chrysanthum)

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