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Services and Fees

Consultations are by appointment only. For a constitutional treatment, I usually see clients once every 6 weeks. The total time it takes for each individual to heal varies from person to person and depends on the current state and nature of the person's overall health. Consultations may take place in person, by Skype, or over the phone.

All communication with clients is strictly confidential.

Initial consultation

Homeopathic treatment takes into consideration the whole person. In order to provide useful guidance, I must get to know each person and his/her history in depth. I conduct an in-depth initial session (2 hours) and a follow-up session by phone (15 minutes) one week later.
Fee: $275.00 for the initial session

This fee covers:
a) an in-depth 2 hour initial session
b) a 15 minute follow-up session by phone one week later

Follow-up Sessions

Fee: $85.00 per follow-up session

This fee covers:
a) a 45 minute session

Acute Condition Consultation

These visits are for existing clients only and cover a 30 minute session.

Fee: $50.00 per acute session

Immunization through Homeopathy: Homeoprophylaxis (HP)

Please contact me for details.

Payment may be made by cash, check or Paypal. Payment is due at the time of services. Check with your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

24-hour notice for cancellation is required. A $50.00 cancellation fee will be applied if less than 24-hour notice is given.

24-hour notice for cancellations is required

   Sonja has helped me in ways that are nothing short of amazing. I had explored homeopathy for a long time, in my struggles with hot flashes, burning feet, sleeping and mental clarity. Sonja worked with all of these. She taught me about tracking my responses so I would know when it was time for another dose or higher potency. She helped me learn when to allow a remedy a little more time, versus moving on to the next potency. Her vast knowledge and especially her great patience combined to teach me life lessons that I treasure.

Missoula, Montana

Disclaimer: Results vary from one person to another.

Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)

Homeopathy is a compassionate, safe, gentle, effective, and holistic approach to health care, and has withstood the test of over 200 years of practice. Homeopathic remedies are natural, reliable, non-addictive, and have no side effects. Remedies may be safely taken in conjunction with other conventional medicines.


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